shameless plugs

And why would I be? These men and women are out there fighting the good fight, and they deserve all the attention they can get. Some of my favorite people, listed here for their great, non-musical contributions to the world. (If you want to experience my favorite musicians, simply head out to one of my shows.)


Mischa Willett

Poet, professor, college buddy. First volume of poetry, Phases, published by Wipf & Stock a couple years back. Subscribe to his missives for savory musings and gorgeous photos.


Kevin Gosa

A “usual suspect” in many of my musical projects, KG also runs a creative consulting firm, Octant 8. Call him — he’ll make your business better.


Mark Sprinkle

A visual artist who spends much of his time facilitating the careers of others, this man’s a class act. See his excellent paintings here, and visit the words page for my favorite of his contributions: essays on the intersection of art, faith and science.


David Wittig

A former wedding photographer gone freelance rogue, Wittig makes beautiful images that should adorn your walls. A consummate pro.

Follow his visual journeys at Icarus Also Flew.